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Gateway Adds Value to the SPAC Business Combination Process

We have helped SPAC sponsors and target company management effectively communicate the benefits of the proposed transaction and drive a successful business combination. Our approach adds value throughout the entire process.


Transaction Announcement

Announcing a SPAC business combination is much more than just issuing a press release. We use this event to kick-start a proactive communications plan.

Transaction Marketing

The ability to actively communicate with investors throughout the de-SPAC process versus a traditional IPO is a significant advantage we eagerly pursue.

Transaction Close

A proactive communications plan throughout the de-SPAC process should pave the way for optimal investor mindshare once life as a traditional public company begins.

Recent SPAC Experience

Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. II
$200M IPO in Aug. 2016

Closed February 2017 with DSKE:
Enterprise Value of $702M

Industrea Acquisition Corp.
$230M IPO in Aug. 2017

Closed December 2018 with BBCP:
Enterprise value of $696M

Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. III
$257M IPO in June 2017

Closed November 2018 with NRCG:
Enterprise value of $748M

Cannabis Strategies Acquisition Corp.
$135M IPO in January 2018

Closed May 2019 with AYR:
Enterprise value of $1B

Atlantic Acquisition Management
$44M IPO in August 2017

Closed August 2018 with HF Foods Group:
Enterprise value of $839M

Transaction Announcement

  • Setup IR communications infrastructure
  • Assist with transaction announcement press release and investor presentation
  • Collaborate on conference call prepared remarks and Q&A prep
  • Arrange calls with prospective institutional investors
  • Media prep (e.g. bell-ringing ceremonies)
  • Set the strategic communication plan for the de-SPAC process
  • Develop target company investor relations website

Transaction Marketing

  • Introduce management to a well-qualified fundamental institutional investor audience
  • Introduce relevant sell-side analysts
  • Schedule an analyst day to share info and create urgency
  • Facilitate invites to selective investor conferences
  • Draft business combination press announcements
  • Prep target management for proper communication policies during life as a public company

Transaction Close

  • Help arrange final meetings with shareholders
  • Communicate results of proxy vote and draft the transaction close press release
  • Create strategic investor relations program, delivering 12-month IR calendar
  • Ongoing investor and sell-side analyst targeting and outreach
  • Revise investor presentation for public company investor audience


SPAC Attack — An Underappreciated and Compelling Risk/Reward Asset Class

Gateway hosted its inaugural SPAC panel at its 8th Annual Gateway Conference on September 4, 2019. Panel participants included Daniel Hennessy, chairman and CEO, Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. IV (Nasdaq: HCAC), Jim Graf, CEO and director, Graf Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: GRAF), and Douglas Ellenoff, partner, Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP. Listen to these executives walk through their perspectives on the current state of the market and the critical factors for SPAC execution success.

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