Redknee Solutions

Redknee Solutions provides real-time monetization and subscriber management software products, solutions and services. Its software products provide converged billing, charging, policy management, customer care, and payments solutions for voice, messaging, and data services to approximately 200 service providers in 90 countries.

The Story

Redknee, a Canadian listed company, engaged Liolios to build U.S. investor awareness and introduce targeted sell-side analysts to the story in preparation of a U.S. listing.

Strategy & Tactics
• Developed a rolling six-month IR plan that focused on long-term client specific objectives
• Revamped investor presentation and all communications materials to focusing on alternative metrics that allow the investment community to track Redknee’s progress
• Identified U.S. target analysts, investor conferences, and high quality institutional investors in order to increase visibility
• Secured invitations to multiple investor conferences with leading U.S. and Canadian institutions and backfilled unscheduled 1×1 meeting slots
• Organized non-deal road shows throughout major cities in the U.S. and provided comprehensive feedback to the company to ensure the company’s communications remained relevant
• Handled all inbound investor calls from both the U.S. and Canada


• While the U.S. IR program was highly successful, Redknee management decided to execute on an M&A strategy to build financial and operational scale prior to a U.S. listing
• 650% stock price appreciation during engagement
• Liquidity improved more than 7x
• Participated in 17 high-quality investor conferences
• Held 195 meetings and 40 introductory conference calls with high-quality targeted institutional investors

Company Info

Location: Mississauga, Canada
Industry: Software
Year of Engagement: 2011